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Preventing sexual harassment

– Talking about boundaries and culture

Sexual harassment in the workplace has a destructive influence on an employees’ well-being, their work quality, and the business as a whole. To create healthy workplaces without sexual harassment, more efforts should be made in order to prevent it.

Sexual harassment is not going to disappear with a wave of a magic wand or by writing a section in the code of conduct that states it is prohibited. Both preventive measures and dealing with the sexual harassment cases requires commitment and, last but not least, perseverance.

This booklet contains useful advice and background knowledge for designated representatives in Denmark so that they can help to create a harassment-free environment in the workplace. There has been significant progress in the area during recent years, including the #metoo movement.

The pool of knowledge and tools for designated representatives help to understand how sexual harassment often occurs, how violated persons are affected, what is important that you do or not to do, and particularly what opportunities you have to act.

The English version of the booklet was translated with the intention of being used by English-speaking designated representatives and employees in Denmark – and of being a source of inspiration for colleagues within the EU.