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Ideas for diversity related HR work for union representatives

As a union representative, you can help to ensure that your managers fulfil their formal obligations and social responsibilities by bringing your influence to bear so that HR and management work is carried out professionally and all-inclusively.

Diversity is about all employees being treated equally (though not necessarily the same) in all aspects of the employment relationship, from job interviews to pay and senior employees policy. Equality and diversity are also about no one being discriminated against either by management or by other employees.

We consider equality and diversity primarily from a human rights perspective, but also from a corporate resource perspective. The individual has the right to be treated equally and not be subjected to discrimination. At the same time, however, diversity is a corporate resource that is well worth fostering and utilising.

The booklet comprises 26 focus areas that are presented in alphabetical order and can be used as references when you are facing a specific challenge that you need to do something about. If you have a general interest in diversity and job satisfaction in your workplace, the booklet can also be read from cover to cover.