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Workplaces for everyone

– 8 steps towards a workplace with LGBT+ equality 

LGBT+ stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people. The plus covers other minorities in regards to gender identity and sexual orientation.

This leaflet is for you who are shop steward and who wants to make an effort to include your LGBT+ co-workers in the workplace. The leaflet is meant to be a help in spotting which needs and challenges your current as well as future LGBT+ co-workers may have. Here we give you 8 concrete suggestions as to how you can create a better working environment and secure inclusion for everyone, regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation.

Half of all Danish LGBT+ people feel that they cannot be open about their gender identity or sexuality in the workplace and many experience bullying and discrimination.

But why is it important at all to be able to be open about e.g. your sexual orientation or to be able to “come out” as LGBT+ in the workplace? Most people do not even think about it, but heterosexuals also “come out” as heterosexual, several times a day, for example when they talk about their family during the lunch break.
It is this kind of freedom to safely “be yourself” in the workplace that we must ensure that all co-workers have access to.

The challenge is that most workplaces are not aware that the culture and the norms in their workplace mean that the LGBT+ co-workers are not included. For example, there may be something in the staff policies, working environment or social conventions that results in LGBT+ co-workers not having the same opportunities as other staff members, and they thereby have greater difficulties joining the community in the same way as their co-workers.

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Workplaces for everyone