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Relations at Work and equal pay m/f -become an Agent of Good Relations at Work

Relations at Work and equal pay m/f -become an Agent of Good Relations at Work
A Research Funded Development Project under FIU Equality

The FIU Committee has allocated development funds to FiU Equality in order to analyze what options the shop stewards have to strengthen the sense of community spirit at work and in what way the best possible awareness of equal pay can be developed as a tool the shop stewards can use to activate, involve and organize agents.

The project was launched as two two-day courses plus four company visits in the spring of 2013. Jo Krøyer, an associate professor at the Department of Psychology and Educational Studies at RUC, has been involved in the project from beginning to end and written the enclosed report, “A Research Funded Deve lopment Project under FiU Equality”. Previously Jo Krøjer has been dealing with this target group in her PhD thesis and she continues to fine-tune her research in this project.

Adding to this, Køge Business School, represented by one teacher, Annette Færch, has arranged a two-day course in the use of coaching to become a good interlocutor with a view to discussing wages and gender at work. A brief report has been added as attachment 1. For several years, FiU Equality has been cooperating with Køge Business School to arrange teaching sessions for the Business Administration line, Coaching in Organizations. They have had a considerable impact as a method for enabling the shop steward to deal with colleagues and management.

The project report is aimed at both politicians from the LO Confederation and FiU instructors. The project has produced some insight into which methods will work with regard to addressing gender, pay and equality as a relevant subject for shop stewards. Additionally, the project offers some suggestions as to what it takes to integrate pay, gender and equality with the political system and with the current FiU training in a way that is relevant for shop stewards. Relevant in the sense that it will lead to initiatives at work. Then the purpose and goal of the project will be deemed as having been fulfilled.

We hope that results from the project will be used in future planning and development of FiU courses.