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If your colleague is abused at home – dealing with domestic violence in the workplace

The handbook will provide you with knowledge about domestic violence and recommendations for concrete strategies to help and support colleagues who are affected by domestic violence. It also focuses on how the workplace can take initiatives to actively prevent the violence and how to break down taboos. The handbook is available in English and Danish so the trade union movement in Europe and others can use the tools and experience gathered through the Daphne project. The handbook can be used by everyone at work, but it is especially intended for shop stewards and safety representatives.

The author of the handbook is Chris Poole who is a consultant in violence prevention, and the author of four other publications about prevention of violence. She is also teaches and lectures on violence prevention for many age groups and organisations.

The handbook is an outcome of the project Abused Women At Work that was running in 2009 and 2010, and was financed by the EU Daphne III Program. The project used the workplace as a platform to:

  • raise awareness about domestic violence and its consequences for social life
  • prevent partner violence from being a taboo at work
  • to ensure knowledge on how to handle and help victims of domestic violence at the workplace