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Diversity-oriented organising and communication (engelsk version)

Diversity-oriented organising and communication
– A guide containing advice and tips for union representatives

This guide contains advice and tips for union representatives who want to target diversity and equality in their work of organising colleagues in the workplace. The guide focuses in particular on how organising and communication can include both men and women and both ethnic-Danish and ethnic-minority colleagues. The aim is to prevent gender and ethnicity blindness in organising work and thereby achieve a larger, more diverse organised community.

Organising is not just about having a large number of members or a high degree of organisation. Organising is also about strengthening solidarity in the workplace and elsewhere in the union organisation. A high union membership rate in your workplace is not therefore a reason to disregard organising work. By creating strong solidarity and standing together, colleagues can help each other to obtain maximum influence over their working lives and conditions. It is this that will safeguard the Danish model going forward.

Organising is also about union representatives not being the only persons in the workplace who are active unionists. The whole body of colleagues should be involved in formulating needs and wants for the development of the workplace. Similarly, more colleagues should be involved in determining how the challenges that are being faced as a workplace and as a community of colleagues are to be resolved. It is vital that all groups in the workplace should join in this process of formulating needs and wants for the future of the workplace: night-shift and day-shift workers; representatives of different job functions; ethnic-Danish and ethnic-minority workers; women and men; and young and old.

It takes attention and an active effort to create a community that is diverse and free from direct or indirect discrimination. This guide presents ideas and tools that you can use in your organising work to strengthen and develop an inclusive and diverse community in your workplace.

FIU-Equality 2014

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