Nyheder | februar 22, 2021

Sexual harassment has a price

Af Mélanie Evers

Sexual harassment at the workplace comes with a price. There are many good reasons to prevent sexual harassment in the
labour market. One of the lesser talked about reasons is the financial costs. There are socio-economic costs, costs for the company, and costs for the individual employee linked to sexual harassment. More-
over, there are costs for unions and other parties that conduct cases.

In this booklet, the focus is on the financial costs. The intention is not to neglect the personal costs for those subjected to sexual harassment, but to include the economic perspective in the preventative work. Our hope is that awareness can motivate active prevention of sexual harassment at times and places where it may not have otherwise been present.

No-one at this point is able to put exact figures on what sexual harassment and sexually abusive work environments costs, but we can identify the costs and draw attention to how we can save on these.

In addition to highlighting the financial costs, the booklet will contain good advice on what you as a shop steward can do to contribute to a harassment-free environment, which in the end will be good for the individual employee, but also for your workplace and the economy.


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