Danish model and workers right

Friday 12. February 2021 - Sunday 22. August 2021

To be a trusted person as a shop steward or health & safety representative doesn´t mean that you have to solve all the problems for your colleagues at your workplace. But you will need tools and knowledge in order to handle and deal with all kinds of different situations regarding your negotiated labor rights and health & safety issues at your workplace.
At the same time it is also important to learn the competence to deliver and teach your colleagues to deal with some issues on their own.

All over objects:
We will be working with:
• All over view of Danish trade unions
• Welfare or workfare
• History of the labors struggle & trade unions in Denmark
• The Danish Model – flexicurity
• Trade unions structure
• Trade union organization and the values
• Introduction to the different sectors
• The rolls and the functions of Shop steward and health and safety reps.
• The collective agreements
• The dispute system
• Employer clubs
• Exercising bargaining & negotiation
• Exercising writing notes & summery
• Communication & collaboration
• Exercising conflict management & bridge building
• Organizing

Dates & Place:
Kick start:
12th of February at 13.00 – 14th of February until 13.00.
Place: Copenhagen.

Second part:
26th of March at 13.00 – 28th of March until 13.00.
Place: Fyn.

Third part:
7th of May at 13.00 – 9th of May until 13.00.
Place: Jylland.

Fourth part:
4th of June at 13.00 – 6th of June until 13.00.
Place: Copenhagen.

Final part:
20th of August at 13.00 – 22th of August until 13.00.
Place: Copenhagen.

FIU-nr.: 5247 21 00 02
PRIS: 35.575 kr.

Further questions & inquiries contact:
Anthony Sylvester, 3F.